Traditinal Chinese Medicine


Make an appointment with TCM Practitioners in Big Feet is EASY AND QUICK!

Sign up or login the TCM Portal, then click on Appointment on the left column.Then choose one of the options: Date, Calendar, or Map.

From Date:

– Click the window of Appointment Date to select a date

– Click Symptom: select Acupuncture Treatment

– You can see the information of all the practitioners, including available slots, Address, Clinic.

– Click one of the Book button for the practitioner you choose – Select a slot time,

– Write User Notes, eg. Shoulder pain, requirement, etc.

– Read and sign the Patient Treatment Informed Consent Form,

– Click the Confirm Booking button

– Click the Book Appointment button to submit if the info is correct

– The practitioner will sign to confirm back your appointment.

From Map :

– After selecting Map, you will see the clinic locations on the map

– Select a location you want

– Select a practitioner

– Same steps as above

Make an appointment with TCM Practitioners in Big Feet


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Chess Li (R.TCM.P.)-Edmonds Burnaby Chess Li (R.TCM.P.)-Edmonds Burnaby
Susan Fang (R.Ac.)-Port Moody Susan Fang (R.Ac.)-Port Moody
Yaqin-Liu-R.Ac_.-North Vancouver Yaqin-Liu-R.Ac_.-North Vancouver
Jing-Luo-R.Ac_.-Coquitlam Jing-Luo-R.Ac_.-Coquitlam"
James-Zhang-R.TCM_.P.-Langley James-Zhang-R.TCM_.P.-Langley
James Cao (R.Ac.)-Victoria Dr. Vancouver James Cao (R.Ac.)-Victoria Dr. Vancouver
Harvey Zeng (R.Ac.)-Abbotsford Harvey Zeng (R.Ac.)-Abbotsford
Dennis Yang (R.TCM.P.)-Lansdowne Richmond· Dennis Yang (R.TCM.P.)-Lansdowne Richmond
David Teng (R.Ac.)-Maple Ridge David Teng (R.Ac.)-Maple Ridge
Andy Huang (R.TCM.P.)-Royal Oak Burnaby Andy Huang (R.TCM.P.)-Royal Oak Burnaby
Amy Dong (R.TCM.P.)-Royal Oak Burnaby Amy Dong (R.TCM.P.)-Royal Oak Burnaby
Alex Feng (R.Ac.)-Hastings Vancouver Alex Feng (R.Ac.)-Hastings Vancouver
Shirley Z Shaw (R.TCM.P.)-Lansdowne Richmond Shirley Z Shaw (R.TCM.P.)-Lansdowne Richmond
Sam Zheng (R.Ac.) Chilliwack Sam Zheng (R.Ac.) Chilliwack
Julia Chen (R.Ac.)-PoCo Julia Chen (R.Ac.)-PoCo
Wendy-Ku(R.TCM.P)-Newton-Surrey Wendy-Ku(R.TCM.P)-Newton-Surrey